About me

After more than 10 years’ experience in high end retouching it is safe to say that I am a serious professional and still enormously enjoy what I do every day within the fashion photography industry. 

You can’t do this job and do it well without having a razor sharp eye for detail, focus and patience. I think all of us retouchers are perfectionists but some are even more so than others. My expertise is keeping an image’s realistic and natural feeling; to establish that you would want healthy, fresh looking skin and not artificial ‘too photo shopped’ blurred skin without any pores. You can leave it up to me to use the best techniques to maintain the right textures & tones. I am also skilled at fixing any kind of montage to, or editing of, your images. 

A bit of background: 

Born and raised in Amsterdam, I studied Photography for a few years. Worked as a Photography Assistant for 4 years for several photo studios in and around Amsterdam. I have a passion for creating great images and still also take pictures myself. My background in photography often helps in understanding the photographer’s vision without much explanation.